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H. E. Edmundo Orellana
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Honduras
to  the United Nations


Welcome to the web page of the Permanent Mission of Honduras to the United Nations.  We appreciate your interest in Honduras and in the work of the Permanent Mission.

As a founding Member State, Honduras attaches special importance to the purpose which the United Nations must serve in global peace, security, and economic and social development.  The Government of Honduras is committed to the ongoing efforts to give the United Nations an enhanced role in the new millenium. 

It is our desire to strengthen the United Nations as an international forum which brings developing and developed countries closer together in a cooperative effort to improve the lives of those most in need.  For this to be achieved, the United Nations must reclaim its role as a principle actor, which plays a quintessential multilateral role in international economic considerations, to ensure that the benefits of globalization are widespread, reaching all citizens of the world.  The Government of Honduras also remains committed to the Organization’s goals of peace and harmony, objectives which will only be reinforced through global economic and social development.

At present, Honduras faces one of the most difficult challenges of its history, that of reconstructing the devastation left by a natural disaster and entering a new millenium with sustained growth and equity.  Although the task is immense, with the leadership of President Carlos R. Flores, and with the dedicated support of the international community, especially the United Nations, our success is assured. 

Edmundo Orellana
Permanent Representative

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