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Welcome to the webpage of the Liechtenstein Mission to the United Nations

On 18 September 1990, the Principality of Liechtenstein was admitted to the United Nations. Since then, Liechtenstein has actively participated in the work of the Organization, in particular in the fields of human rights as well as social and humanitarian issues. The promotion and protection of human rights is a cornerstone of Liechtenstein's foreign policy. 

On this webpage, you will be able to access transcripts of statements made by Liechtenstein representatives as well as information on Liechtenstein's priorities in the work of the United Nations. 

Further links will provide additional information about the country, its Government, people, history, economy and culture.

Thank you for your visit and for your interest.


Claudia Fritsche

Permanent Representative

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Flag of the Principality
of Liechtenstein

For further information about Liechtenstein, please visit the following sites:



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